Torres del Paine, Chile

The LATAM Explorer project

Get to know new places, meet other people, try different dishes. As far back as I can remember, I have always fed a certain fascination to find out what is out there to be seen around the world. For a long time, this interest was nourished by a few somewhat passive activities, like browsing travel magazines, watching TV shows. When turning 25, however, I was finally hit by the impetus of exploring the world.

It is true that by then I had already had the chance of visiting several parts of my own country, Brazil, and of engaging in a few other travel adventures. Anyways, my 25th birthday marked an important milestone: it was the first time I left home for an extended period of time (to spend a year in Belgium). Today, eight years later, I spend most of my time in Chile, the fourth country I can call home. The great news is that my love for traveling is still far from showing any signs of weakening.

I am actually so passionate about it that I decided to create this site/blog in order to share some of my experience with everyone I can help. After travelling, so far, to 46 countries around the world, I look forward to share stories, advise and point at the most interesting (to my best judgment, given all subjectiveness implied in the process) places to see in each destination.

LATAM Explorer aims at promoting Latin America as a touristic destination. My objective is, primarily, to inspire you to get to know this wonderful region a bit better. As of now, 21 Latin American countries and 3 territories are featured here (I can only write about those places I have been to so I am still missing a few before covering all 33, but don't worry about that, since new articles are added regularly).

I am also focused in helping you plan your trips. Through the articles, you will find advice on transportation, accommodation and food options on each destination. Keep in mind that travelling doesn’t have to necessarily burn all your savings. Planning properly, you can make your budget fly further and last longer.

To access a constantly updated selection of Latin American travel news and deals, follow me through the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. In addition to that, feel free to drop me a message anytime sharing any thoughts you might have.

Thanks so much for your visit; have a nice trip!

Leonardo R.